Your jewellery can be repaired and restrung where needed.  Please note that we do not do soldering so only open jump rings will be used. Prices on application when you commission the work.


Your jewellery can be cleaned. This process cannot be done on items that include porous and soft gemstones such as pearls or opals. 

The photos below illustrate the cleaning process on a 925 silver chain.



You can select a style and the gemstones that you like and a piece can be created to your exact specifications. (Photos to follow.)

Various designs in my GALLERY where all pieces can be commissioned.

All pieces can be customised such as jump rings I use which are plated over base metal whilst pure silver ones can be commissioned.
Similarly, any of the pieces can be made in three different finishes gold, silver, rose gold.

Visit the GALLERY to see some of my customers and friends wearing my pieces.

A short video on how a piece was made!